About Us

Ron Chemicals manufactures textile auxiliaries, textile lubricants,
leather auxiliaries, metalworking fluids and speciality for the industry.
Ron chemicals has been steadily growing since 2000.


Ron Chemicals has been making its own export and import and it has made a steady progress without compromising its quality and annual production capacity of 20.000 tons have enables Ron Chemicals to grow.


Being one of the most outstanding company of all countries notably in Turkey related with textile auxiliary chemicals and industrial chemistry..


Our mission is to produce high quality chemicals according to the customer requirements and to be the best company in the region.


We are highly attentive to environmental protection and safety in several areas: development and production of our chemicals, responsible use of these chemicals by our customer, and finishing chemicals that remain in the final products.


Today, the textile industry is expected to unite two entirely contradictory aspects, on the one hand the need for constantly higher productivity, on the other hand, the call for better quality. With our state-of-the-art application engineering and innovative agents we help our customers create products with very specific characteristics.